Job Advert Review

Total applicant yield and applicant fit to the applied role are each a function of job advert quality. We offer our expertise to review our clients' job adverts in accordance with their needs and with the aim of driving up yield and quality of applicants.

Job Advert Review


This is the first aspect we check of any job advert. Accuracy matters to both SEO and retention of interest and trust of potential applicants.

We check the following areas:

Job Attribute Consistency

We check attributes are consistent across the advert such as all references to salary, location, job title, contractual arrangement, etc are consistent without contradiction.

English Spelling and Grammar

Sometimes spelling and grammar checkers will incorrectly change the content. We always scan adverts manually as well.

Technical, scientific and specialist terms

With our extensive experience across industries we are well equipped to identify anomalies and inconsistencies relating to technical, scientific and specialist terminology. With PhD scientists and academics in the team we have the added advantage of being able to refer specialist scientific and technical roles to those individuals to check the content.


Where we use automated processes, such as addition of branding to an advert, we ensure that the automated process is thoroughly tested in a test environment before being deployed to the live one.


Readability again affects SEO and adds to attraction of a potential candidates interest and affects quality.

Aspects we deal with are:

Overall Structure

Advert length (word count) has been shown to be key. There is an optimum number of words for an advert, shorter ads or longer ads generally produce poorer response. This is only an approximation, however, obviously roles requiring more experience and specialist attributes will tend to require more words in the advert.

We use standardised templates for reviewing formatting of an advert's contextual structure.

Reading Ease

We use a combination of Fleisch reading ease tests for standard English regions of text and Information Mapping techniques for technical sections. Information mapping is a technique for writing clear reader focused information, based on the specific audience's needs. The method is usually applied to designing and developing business and technical communications.

Writing Style

For us readability extends beyond advert structure and reading ease and also includes the use of attractive and positive language. Writing style has real impact on results. For example, proven research shows that using a supportive style (expressing what the employee will need to do in the role and how they will be supported) of writing yields more and better candidates than using a demanding style of writing (expressing bluntly what skills and experience they need to have to do the job).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We always keep SEO in mind when reviewing job adverts. The above mentioned points affect SEO, but there are also many more factors to address including:

  • Uniqueness of content
  • Use of correct HTML formatting
  • Optimum URL and page title relating to job
  • Limited use of repetition of focus key terms
  • Addition of accurate microdata
  • Clear and accurate snippet generation

We perform manual and automated real-time content analysis to arrive at an SEO score that we optimize in an iterative manner.

Regulatory Compliance

We assess advert content complies with current legislation and best practices. This is not limited to but particularly encompasses equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion aspects. Please read our Regulatory Compliance page for more details.