Regulatory Compliance

Recruitment professionals need to be aware of current UK and EU legislation, in particular that affecting the nature of job advert content and processing of candidate data. The specific legislation that recruiters need to focus on come from the Equality Act 2010 and the General Data Protection Regulation, which became enforceable in May 2018.

Regulatory Compliance

Bratchen is totally committed to complying with all current UK and EU legislation and will only place advertisements that are not in breach of any of these. We take job seeking candidates privacy very seriously and only use their personal information to fulfil their job search requirements and to provide them with the services they have explicitly requested from us.


In 2018 we invested much into complying with the new GDPR regulations. We ensure this compliance is met as outlined below.

  • Bratchen Technology Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO Reference ZA056278) and have an appointed Data Protection Officer.

  • We possess and maintain GDPR compliance policies that we follow.

  • We only hold and process data in accordance with explicit consent received from the owner of the concerned data in order to provide the requested service. We keep individuals’ data on our system for the minimum necessary period to provide the requested service. We use automated data purges to enforce our data retention policy and we offer all parties full disclosure (SARs, etc.) and the right to be forgotten upon request.

  • We maintain internal resources documenting GDPR procedures to follow covering standard processing of data, enforcement of periodic data purges, execution of SARs and Right to be Forgotten Requests.

  • We maintain automated audit logs of some key data decisions relating to online activity. All personal audit data is pseudonymized using one-way hash algorithms. Audit logs are also purged but this type of data can be retained for a longer period than non-pseudonymized data.

  • We ensure that there is a signed Services Agreement in place relating to Data Processing with our partnering clients


Diversity and Inclusion

We place equal emphasis to adherence to best practices concerning diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Current Legislation sets a minimum standard to inclusion practices via the Equality Act 2010, but best practice will go beyond this.

We maintain links with the Open University and keep up to date with developments relating to Diversity and Inclusion via their Webinars.

We realize the importance of promoting Diversity and inclusion in adverts. Where a client wishes to include a specific statement concerning equality and diversity, we will ensure it is present on the client adverts in its original form. At the request of the client we can highlight the diversity and inclusion frames in adverts in order to further encourage applications from diverse groups.

In all cases we screen all job adverts for any content, which could be taken to offend or discriminate against any party prior to publishing. We will raise any points we may have concern about with the client. Typically, we look for inadvertent gender specific terms, indirect age discrimination, references to nationality of the applicant, etc.