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JobViz is a new tool to automatically disaggregate a textual job specification/description to qualitatively and quantitatively categorize the job according to a wide range of parameters made available to the client. This includes converting the job to any number of graphical representations that enable rapid and clear conveyance of the job requirements to the viewer. This new exciting functionality is provided to the client via a simple but richly featured RESTful web service API.

High throughput specialist recruitment online media such as job boards, job aggregators and job portals aligned to professional roles need to present high volumes of job content clearly and attractively to gain traction in a competitive market. They also need to ensure that their job pages are indexed efficiently both within their own website and externally on search engines.

Communicate the Job Quicker and Better

Potential candidates for highly specialist roles often sift through job postings looking for very specific positions matching their unique set of skills and can benefit greatly from seeing an immediate breakdown of role attributes. Only graphical communication can convey this information so rapidly. An accurate and appropriate visualization representing the role means the candidate gains immediate and better insight of the position and can choose to read further into the job description as necessary.


Job Visualizations
Some JobViz Visualizations



Pull out the useful stuff


As well as dynamic generation of visualizations, JobViz acts as an intelligent parser returning disaggregated verbal content such as skills, job titles, sectors, categories, subcategories and work domains. These attributes are great for automatically tagging your content and building your own taxonomies and searchable terms within your website.

Job Visualizations
Disaggregate your content

Present New Content

JobViz automatically transforms your job description on demand enabling you to enrich your web content with visualizations defined by you in terms of form, colours, labelling and size. The job can be categorized according to your own industry categories and sub categories and tagged with skills, job titles and work domains. Quantitative relative measures are provided paving the way for further analytical processing.

Job Visualizations
Enrich your content


Improved Website Indexing and SEO


The dynamically generated content JobViz provides has significant positive impact on organic visits. Pages that use meta-data tags to achieve site indexing and that are enriched with relevant unique graphical content will increase SEO (around 10% to 20%). Images also appear within image search page results after indexing. Images cane be posted to social media to gain further traction.


Just Plug In


Our RESTful web service API is a cinch to get up and running with, with full on-line documentation, while our technical team will be on hand to guide you through the process if necessary. For users with some standard CMS platforms we even offer ready made modules and plugins for a zero code start!

Job Visualizations
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Disaggregation and Visualization

Enriching your job content to improve candidate impact, boost SEO and pave the way for advanced job analytics