Jobviz Process In a Nutshell


Connecting to JobViz couldn't be easier. We believe in zero code wherever possible. We therefore offer ready made modules and plugins for your CMS, which require no coding on your side to get up and running with JobViz. If this option isn't available to you, we offer a simple RESTful API enabling rapid integration. Should you require further help, our technical team are there to offer a helping hand.
JobViz Plugin
JobViz Settings


Configure how you would like JobViz to serve you. This includes which attributes you would like to use to characterise your job, which visualization types you would like, should there be different visualizations for different job categories, how to use labels and a wide choice of colours. Customization is achieved via a simple admin GUI in the case of plugins/modules, or would be included in the integration step with the REST API.
JobViz Spec


Now you are ready to disaggregate your jobs by posting your job specification free text to our simple RESTful API. A submission to JobViz would typically be made upon creation of each of your job content nodes so that the returned data from JobViz can be attached to your page.


JobViz can return a wealth of structured information from what is essentially unstructured data. Automatically pull out useful attributes like key skills and job titles and tag your own content with them. This is great for categorizing and indexing job content within your own website as well as providing meta-data tags to search engines. Attributes are provided in order of significance and may be ranked by relative percentage providing further quantitative insight.
JobViz Categorization
JobViz Visualizations


Dynamically generate a visualization of your job according to your configured preferences. JobViz delivers the high resolution visualization either in graphics file format for storing in any desired location on your server or as an embedded encoded image tag. Visualizations strike an immediate impact on job candidates and promotes enhanced indexing in internet search engines.


Realize the benefits JobViz brings:
  • Improved viewing impact
  • Facilitates site indexing, tagging, categorizing and searching of content
  • Dynamically generates meta-tags and image content
  • Boosts SEO in internet search engines driving up organic traffic
  • Post generated images to social media platforms to drive traffic further
  • Use quantitative output as inputs to your own analytical processes e.g. candidate job matching
Benefits of JobViz
Disaggregation and Visualization

Enriching your job content to improve candidate impact, boost SEO and pave the way for advanced job analytics