Our cloud based platform offers rapid high volume lead generation for live roles.

Bratchen Recruitment Hub

Bratchen Technology offers a fresh and unique approach to the recruitment sector through the design and application of our own bespoke tech solutions to offer assistance to internal and external consultants to increase speed of delivery and drive up quality of results. 

Our technical recruitment solutions service an ever growing client base.

Recruitment Information Distribution Hub

Primarily our software platform provides real-time recruitment data processing and distribution of recruitment information. A design was chosen from the outset to enable us to offer partners rapid bespoke integration solutions that leverage this infrastructure.

The Bratchen platform offers the perfect solution to enable online partner organizations in the recruitment industry to share their information with each other and make it work for them in real-time. Bratchen takes care of all the technical integration required to interface between submitting and receiving systems through it's multi-API model. Complex data transformations and document parsing can be performed in real-time to prime the data according to the exact requirements of the receiving entity. 

Data Connectivity

Each recruitment entity tends to have a unique custom API, which consumers usually must comply with in order to make use of their services. This can be costly for clients in terms of time and development resources. We eliminate this obstacle for our customers because we are able to integrate with anyone and everything, whether it be straight HTTP, REST, SOAP, XML, etc., while you can supply your data to us just once any way you choose. In most cases it is likely that we are already integrated with the desired partner.

Processing Engine

Our processing engine runs 24/7 constantly serving our customers performing tasks such as routing job postings, gathering candidate applications, matching candidates to roles, screening candidates, cleaning and priming data. Most recently we are employing AI techniques to perform some tasks that would normally be carried out by human consultants.



Validation On-line real-time validation of data attributes such as email address, web URL, postcode, country codes, etc.
Transformation We transform all aspects of candidate or job data from the source representation to the target representation.
Matching and Screening Algorithms We can make use of our platform's powerful algorithms to match and screen likely candidates to open positions using complex statistical techniques.
Parsing We parse CVs and job descriptions in real-time using the latest SaaS techniques.
Logging and Reporting Our processing is transactional, offering full auditing and on demand reporting.